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3D photorealistic rendering with virtual light source

For improved visualization of cardiac anatomy in the transthoracic and transesophageal echo, Philips cardiology TrueVue with its virtual light source makes it simpler to visualize the location of defects and comprehend depth within the structures.



A stand-alone and scalable ultrasound workstation solution

A stand-alone, scalable and vendor-neutral workstation solution that can be extended to a small/medium network to meet the needs of Research Labs, Core Labs and small Department units.


Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 11.03.48


Cardiology quantification designed to increase confidence

Philips HeartModelA.I. is a 3D tool that provides robust, reproducible ejection fraction (EF) in seconds as part of a routine workflow. Dynamic HeartModelA.I. shows moving contours for left ventricle (LV) and left atrium (LA) volumes.

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 11.06.58


Philips EchoNavigator in LAA occlusion interview with Dr. med. T. Zeus

A cardiovascular ultrasound machine built for better understanding

To enhance your comprehension of anatomical structures, catheters and devices location during interventional cardiac procedures, the Philips EPIQ CVxi* enables multimodality decision support.


Critical care information system

With ever-rising healthcare costs, staff shortages, and a need for compliance with evolving national care standards, leveraging clinical information has become a key component to drive improvements in quality of care. Interoperable with most EMRs with HL7 capabilities, IntelliSpace Critical Care and anesthesia (ICCA) helps by providing advanced clinical decision support software and structured documentation and analysis tools across the care continuum.




An enterprise event management solution, CareEvent includes a mobile application to send informative alerts directly to your smartphone so you can make informed decisions and take fast action when required.


IntelliVue Mobile Caregiver


Delivering timely information to care teams, wherever they are, is a critical factor in providing responsive, high-quality care. Philips IntelliVue Mobile Caregiver offers mobile access to patient monitoring information from virtually anywhere.


Fusion and navigation

Make confident decisions even in challenging diagnostic cases with Philips image fusion and needle navigation capabilities. Streamlined workflow allows clinicians to achieve fast and effective fusion of CT/MR/PET with live ultrasound while needle navigation aids in guiding biopsy of small and difficult-to-access lesions.

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